Michael Cera’s has only publicly had a few girlfriends since emerging in to the celebrity spot light.  Though for anyone who really knew him, there has only been one girlfriend that he has dated for an extended period of time, that being Charlyne Yi.  Michael and Charlyne dated for 3 years up until recently when they broke off their relationship.

Michael Cera Girlfriend

Their connection has been suggest however to not have been as real as was once first thought. As has been suggested by some media outlets that their relationship was merely a stunt put together to promote the movie they played together in called “Paper Heart”. In my opinion this seems hard to believe, and the truth is always far more interesting than what ever fiction some journalist can conjour up, so I suppose it’s anyone’s guess what really happened.

Check out Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi in this adorable scene from Paper Heart… Let me know what you think below :).

What movies has Michael Cera played in?

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